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Teacher of the Year

Entry Deadline April 5, 2024

The Lexington Soil and Water Conservation District will recognize two local teachers, one from grades K-6 and one from grades 7-12 for their accomplishments in conservation education.  These accomplishments can be either inside or outside of the classroom.  The teachers selected locally will be awarded $250 each and will be entered into the statewide SCACD (South Carolina Association of Conservation Districts) competition.


Criteria to be considered is how teachers have incorporated conservation into their curriculum in the way of demonstrations, exhibits, outdoor classrooms, gardens, bulletin boards, and plantings to improve school grounds. This award is based on a well-rounded conservation program. Submissions that describe only one or two activities (i.e., recycling) will not rate as highly as those that contain a variety of conservation education activities in their curriculum.


Application forms should be submitted to the Lexington Soil and Water Conservation District at 123 Park Road, Lexington, SC 29072, by close of business (4:30 p.m.) on April 5, 2024.

A selection committee of conservation leaders will select the winning teachers to be specially recognized at the Soil & Water Conservation District’s Annual Banquet on May 2, 2024.

2023 Teacher of the Year(K-6)

Corinne Jimenez

Piney Woods Elementary School


Dr. Jimenez has a passion for conservation and environmental education. As the teacher leader of her schools Conservation Committee, she helps mentor teachers who want to start their own environmental projects and provides support the school. She's in charge of numerous projects around her school, and her class has worked on an environmental protection project by raising trout in their classroom. They spoke with experts and researched the steps to properly care for the fish.

Photos courtesy of Kaylee Graham

2023 Teacher of the Year(7-12)

Alicia Ridder
River Bluff High School

TOY_Alicia Ridder.JPG

Alicia Ridder has gone above and beyond in her efforts to educate students on the importance of watershed protection by developing innovative and engaging lessons plans that incorporate hands-on activities, field trips and guests speakers. Her dedication has not only inspired students to take action to protect their local watersheds, but has helped foster a deep appreciation for their environment. Alicia Ridder has worked with her fellow teacher Sara McGregor  to create a community within the school that is committed to preserving the health and vitality of our water sources. 

Photos courtesy of Kaylee Graham

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