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Arbor Day
December 2, 2022

Every year, when possible, we try to honor 1-2 schools with an Arbor Day tree. We do this to introduce more native trees into the environment and to educate the youth on their importance. Trees clean the air & water, protect the soil and support biodiversity. Without trees life on this plant cannot be sustained, and it is our hope that the trees planted at RH Fulmer Middle School and Pelion Elementary School will help inspire the students to take an active role in preserving our natural resources.

R H Fulmer Middle School.jpg

RH Fulmer Middle School, tree planet in honor of Megan Carrero winning the State Middle Level Principal of the Year award.

Pelion Elementary.jpeg

Pelion Elementary School, tree planet in honor of their archery team winning the World & National Competition.

Bradford Pear Bounty
Tree Exchange Program
December 10, 2022

master gardeners.JPG

Our commissioners and staff braved the cold morning air to assist Clemson Extension and the SC Forestry Commission with their tree exchange event. There was a steady flow of people for the first two hours with some arriving as early as 7:45am. The Master Gardeners Association manned the check-in table where attendees showed proof of having removed one or more of the dreaded Bradford pear trees. Then Clemson Extension and the SC Forestry Commission helped attendees pick up to five new trees from the sixteen types available. 


While some members of LSWCD helped prepare the trees for transport, others manned the information table and spoke with attendees. With 44 attendees walking away with a total of 134 trees, we were very grateful for the volunteers from the Boy Scouts, GHS Beta Club, and Gilbert FFA .

After a chilly three hours a total of 200 were distributed. All in all, despite some cold toes, the event was a definite success.  

Every year the bounty is held in a new location to increase awareness of the invasive nature of Bradford Pear trees and to reduce their number across South Carolina. This year the event was held in Goose Creek & Lexington and next year they plan to hold the event in Aiken, Laurens and Spartanburg. 

the crew.JPG
the trees 2.JPG
the trees.JPG
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