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Education Corner


The new year is off and running! Likewise, I've been running around, helping establish garden beds at schools and distributing garden seeds so the beds will have something growing in them. We're also finishing up our Conservation Mini-grants for this period, so we're excited to get the recipients going on their proposed projects- from pollinator beds to garden beds and a "walking classroom", the grants promise to help kids get outdoors and get a little dirt on their hands. I've also been out teaching about the importance of Pollinators to a local FFA chapter and an after-school program. February looks to be just as busy as spring is quickly approaching!  


Another month has passed and we are one step closer to spring! February has been bustling with garden bed preparation at Saxe Gotha Elementary School. We installed 3 nice-sized garden beds; one is a lasagna style, the other a traditional soil-compost mix, and the third is a hybrid mix of both. The kids will get to see which one produces the best. 


Forts Pond Elementary got to see the rainfall simulator and learned why living roots are so important in keeping soil in place and limiting water (and pollutant) runoff. March looks to be even busier with several more garden beds getting started and lots of seedlings almost ready to go in the ground. Spring is right around the corner!

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