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Become an Affiliate Member

You can be influential in helping to conserve Lexington County’s natural resources. You can help a student attend a conservation workshop or receive a scholarship in a natural resource field. You can make a difference in educating the public about conserving the abundance of natural resources in Lexington County, and help to keep Lexington County a wonderful place to live.


By becoming an affiliate member of the Lexington Soil and Water Conservation District, you are joining with others in our county to carry out the important task of preserving the natural environment for future generations. Our conservation friends are important to us, and your financial support will help continue the work that we do. We thank those of you who have generously donated in the past and encourage others to become involved.

Photography Contest

In todays society, photographs are the norm.  We take photos of everything.  Why not take some time to study and photograph things in nature.  You will be amazed at what you can find in our natural world by just taking some time to get out and discover.

Your discovery time will give you many opportunities to find nature and all the connecting elements of a healthy environment.  Take time to capture in in photographs.


There are four categories for submission of photographs in the LSWCD Photography Contest.


Landscapes - Sunsets, rivers, lakes, parks, pastures, forest, etc.

Native Wildlife - Any wildlife that is native to Lexington County.   Deer, butterfly, wild turkeys, a cardinal, etc. (cats, dogs, farm and zoo animals are not accepted as native wildlife).


Rural Life - Photos of farm animals, crops, people working in farm fields, farm equipment, old barns and buildings, etc.


Trees and Plants - Enter anything from a field of wildflowers to a gnarled oak tree to a branch of peach blossoms.

Click below for more information.


2022 Poster Contest

Soil is a dirty topic, but everyone needs to learn more about it! Soil is the foundation for many of the items we use in our daily life, such as food, clothing, clean water, homes and more. Healthy soil produces healthy food; healthy food produces healthy people! One characteristic of healthy soil is the presence of a diverse community of living things, including earthworms, insects and other arthropods, protozoans, fungi and bacteria. How we treat the soil affects how many and what types of organisms can live there, so don’t treat your soil like dirt! We invite you to learn more about soil life, and about the conservation practices that promote soil health. Then, create a poster to show others what you’ve learned about life in the soil. 

Entry deadline is April 15, 2022

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