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Our Mission

To promote the wise use and care of natural resources for the benefit of the citizens of Lexington County


Things have been a little hectic as we have tried to manage our in-school programs while also working towards hiring a new Education Program Assistant. Newsletters and FB posts fell by the wayside as we tried to handle everything and we want to thank everyone for their patience during this time.

Part-Time Education Program Assistant

Well it's that time again. We're looking for a conservation minded individual to join our team as our Part-Time Education Program Assistant. This individual would be responsible for planning, conducting and organizing programs with schools and other organizations. If you, or someone you know, might be interested please click the link,  the posting is halfway down the page.



  • Experience with children’s education, preferably in environmental science education and or naturalist programs

  • Natural Resources, Biology, Education, or Agriculture background


  • 2 years Technical or 4 years College degree desired (but not required) in one of the above fields


  • Demonstrates proficiency in communication skills and technology.


  • Demonstrates ability to be an effective member of a team.


  • Learn a variety of established environmental science and naturalist programs and present them to children and adults.


  • Plan and organize programs for schools and organizations.


  • Schedule program requests in a timely manner and assist teachers in finding programs that suit their needs and standards.


  • Occasionally attend trainings for Conservation Districts and other supplemental training.


  • Write a monthly education report and coordinate information with District Manager to be presented at monthly Board Meeting.

Ag + Art Tour

June 15-16, 2024

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We had so much fun at the museum on Saturday. It may have been hot and humid but our position on the porch protected us from the worst of the heat. NRCS and the Lexington County Master Gardner Volunteers joined us on the porch and the SC Governor’s School for the Arts & Humanities set up in front of the main office where they let visitors make their own endangered plant stickers. NRCS gave away posters and taught visitor about soil, while we gave away seeds, shared interesting (and maybe disturbing) bee facts, and let visitors decorate our chalkboard. The museum hosted tours through out the day and had an indigo dying station.


About 70 people visited the museum over the weekend and we hope that we can double or even triple that number for the next Ag + Art Tour. 




For more information please visit our calendar and don't forget to check us out on Facebook.

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We've hosted two seed library events with varying success. We will continue to work towards improving the program.

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