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Our Mission

To promote the wise use and care of natural resources for the benefit of the citizens of Lexington County

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Photo/Poster Contest Entry Deadline

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Education Corner

We've added a new page under Educational Outreach!

The Education Corner will hopefully allow everyone to keep up to date on the outreach we're doing in schools and maybe inspire them to offer suggestions (hint hint) on the types of programs/events/activities they would like to see. With the addition of an Education Program Assistant we're hoping to increase our outreach into schools and the community as a whole.

So keep an eye out because the has year just started and we're excited by all the possibilities.

John Oxner, Signing Off

After almost 7 years as our District Manager, John Oxner has decided to retire. We wish him nothing but the best, and we truly appreciate the years of dedication and leadership that he has given our District. He has lead rain barrel workshops, held programs such as: Difference of Soil and Rainfall Simulator in schools, and provided maintenance for the observational bee hives at Heathwood Hall and Dutch Fork Elementary. The hives are excellent educational tools, but they require a lot of time and energy that John was always will to give.

John's last day as our District Manager is March 31, 2023. The open position has been posted on the Lexington County job site and will be closed on February 20, 2023. If you are interested in the position, or know someone you believe would be a good fit please use the link below. The position is Soil and Water Manager and is located about halfway down the page.

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