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Educational Outreach

Here you can find a brief description of the programs we offer. Contact the Lexington Soil and Water Conservation District at (803) 358-8688 for other specific educational programs of interest. 


The EnviroScape Model

 Helps students understand the definition of a watershed, learn how they have changed over the years and what could happen from a point or nonpoint pollution event. Portable tabletop model.

Grade 5-12 (in-school program), Adults 

The Difference of Soils

 This program features touching and feeling different soils and determining its make up of sand, silt and clay. Discussion about the different particles and conducting a jar test to look at the amount of each particle size in different soils.

3rd – 12th GRADE (in-school program), Adults 

Soil program.jpg

Bee Important...

 Pollinator educational program featuring the Honey Bee. Learn about Honey Bees and how they live, what they do for our food supply and what they give us. An observation hive will be a part of the program for students to see the difference in queen, drone and worker bees. They will be able to see how brood and honey stores are achieved by the bees.

ALL AGES (in-school program), Adults 

Gifts of the Forest

 An educational program about forest and the importance of conservation and management. Students take part in the educational experience and look at the benefits forest provide. Educational kits are available for loan for teachers use or presented program.

ALL AGES (in-school program) 

hw forest.jpg

Rainfall Simulator

 The Rainfall Simulator is an excellent way to show how water from rainfall interacts with our environment. Different types of areas are depicted to show runoff, infiltration and other aspects of rainwater affects on our environment.  

Grades 3-12 (in-school programs), Adults 

rainfall simulator.jpg
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